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Overview of IOTA and its industry partnerships with VW, Bosch and Fujitsu

Overview of IOTA and its industry partnerships with VW, Bosch and Fujitsu

Many crypto supporters believe that blockchain projects need to solve a real-world problem. Only then could these projects last for a long time, they say. Not surprisingly, IOTA advocates continue to look to the future with hope.

2018 is likely to be the best year for IOTA so far. For example, IOTA plans to expand its three partnerships with the industry leaders Volkswagen, Bosch and Fujitsu. The many applications that IOTA opens up to partners speak for themselves.

VW presented a proof-of-concept with IOTA at the Cebit 2018. This involved the integration of the IOTA Tangle into the vehicles of the Volkswagen Group. For example, VW wants to ensure that its vehicles receive and send all the data and, in addition, that all data is reliable. Especially with regard to the upcoming self-driving vehicles, this certainty is of particular importance.

The company Bosch describes the Internet of Things on its website as follows:

“The peculiarity of the Internet of Things is the connected world that makes it possible. This is a world that is getting bigger and bigger as the devices connecting them become smaller, cheaper and faster. “

At the end of last year, Bosch introduced its new programmable XDK sensor device, also known as the Cross Domain Development Kit. This takes automation and interaction with the IOTA tangle to a whole new level.

Japanese company Fujitsu would like to offer its IOTA test project to customers in the manufacturing and automotive industries. Fujitsu already sees IOTA as a new protocol partner for IT services and the production of IT products. In the future, “intelligent factories” should use the IOTA Tangle to make the production process more efficient.

Dr. Rolf Werner, who has now joined the IOTA Board, described the major fields of application as follows:

“The possibilities for decentralized and secure applications on the IOTA Tangle as Distributed Ledger Technology are very high. They go well beyond machine-to-machine payments. They also include, for example, tamper-proof supply chain monitoring and secure identity management, just to name a few aspects. “

The IOTA project is facing exciting times, especially in terms of its application to solving problems in the real world. Unfortunately, this is not reflected in the current price of the cryptocurrency MIOTA. However, this is purely based on the current bear market, which has also lowered many other crypto currencies in value. It is therefore to be hoped that it will soon go up again. Positive and long-term developments, such as those outlined here, are likely to get the markets right there.

Overview of IOTA and its industry partnerships with VW, Bosch and Fujitsu

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