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Police arrest Bitcoin (BTC) Miner for money laundering plus Ethereum, Ripple XRP, Litecoin, Stellar, Tron, VeChain and NEO Updat


Bitcoin Miner Police
A Bitcoin Miner was arrested plus more crypto news from the last 48 hours

Today, our review is about the arrest of a miner in Brazil, new atomic swaps, and other crypto topics.


The Brazilian police have made a surprising find in the city of Porto Alegre. During a search in the home of a drug trafficked suspect, the officers found a secret mining facility. According to a local news site, the system consisted of 25 devices and has a value of $ 63,000.

Bitcoin mining itself is not illegal in Brazil. However, the man was arrested for stealing power to operate the system through an illegal connection. The police continue to assume that the miners were used to launder the proceeds of drug trafficking. In addition to the plant, the officials also provided a pistol and number plates.

In general, cryptocurrencies are enjoying great popularity in Brazil. The large supermarket chain “Oasis Supermercados” in Rio de Janeiro, for example, already accepts crypto currencies as a means of payment. Since December 2018, customers can pay there with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. As previously reported, Brazil also holds the record for Bitcoin's highest 24-hour trading volume in Latin America.

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Ripple XRP

The British Blockchain Association held a panel discussion titled “The Way Forward: The Future of Distributed Ledgers.” Marjan Delatinne from Ripple Labs participated in this discussion. Delatinne is the Global Head of Banking at Ripple and used to be the Head of Business Development at Swift.

In the discussion, Delatinne explained that the financial industry recognizes the value of blockchain. But banks still need to understand that [new] technology does not want to oust them. Likewise, cryptocurrency's goal is not to replace Fiat currencies.

Ethereum and NEO

The decentralized crypto exchange Switcheo has introduced atomic swaps between the blockchains of Ethereum and NEO. Atomic Swaps allow cross-chain transactions between parties without the need for a third party to process them.

Switcheo is the first crypto exchange to enable cross-chain transactions between Ethereum and NEO.


The latest issue of “The Lite Podcast” has been released. The podcast will interview Lightning app developer Carla Kirk-Cohen. Next is the beta test of Lightning at the South African crypt market Luno.


Pavel Matveev is the co-founder of the payment platform Wirex. As Forbes reported, Matveev has announced that the company plans to publish 26 stablecoins on the Stellar network. This step is intended to drive the mass adoption of cryptoassets.


A new video game has been released on the Tron platform “TRON Arcade”. The game is called “Dragon Castle (DC)” and invites players to defeat monsters with Tron (TRX). As a reward, Tron and DC tokens will wave.

🔥 Developed by TRON SR @SkypeopleMaster, Dragon Castle is the most polished #TRONArcade game yet! Slay dragons and orcs at https://t.co/Ta8yVEZYxQ 🔥

All you need is @TronLinkWallet to play!

📢 Join the community at https://t.co/kFi44mmb8l 📢 pic.twitter.com/McJ2uDPJfv

– TRON Arcade (@TRONArcade) April 26, 2019


At the VeChain Summit 2019, Deloitte made an interesting announcement. According to Deloitte, the “VeChainThor Blockchain” will be used for the development of future blockchain solutions.

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