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Polkadot sells its own token, estimated procurement amount is about 6.5 billion yen

500,000 tokens, which is 5% of the total supply of the proprietary token $ DOT of the product “Polkadot” headed by the development of Web3 Foundation (W3F), was made with the latest sales.

Although the specific figures for the amount procured this time have not been disclosed, the overseas media THE BLOCK estimates that the estimated amount will be about 6.5 billion yen.

Polkadot is a product led by the Web3 Foundation (W3F), which aims to build a distributed Internet based in Switzerland, and aims to provide interoperability between different blockchains and improve the security of the chains.

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The cross-chain protocol that aims to solve the problems of the conventional blockchain such as COSMOS and Polkadot, such as the token $ ATOM of COSMOS being listed on Binance the other day, has attracted much attention.

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Article Source: THE BLOCK

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