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Poloniex suspends offering of 9 currency trading pairs to US users

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The leading cryptocurrency exchange, Poloniex, announced on the 16th that it will suspend the provision of trading pairs of nine currencies for users in the United States .

The following nine currencies are to be delisted from Poloniex: Users in the U.S. must complete trading and withdrawals of these currencies by May 29.

  • Ardor ($ ARDR)
  • Bytecoin ($ BCN)
  • Decred ($ DCR)
  • GameCredits ($ GAME)
  • Gas ($ GAS)
  • Lisk ($ LSK)
  • Nxt ($ NXT)
  • Omni ($ OMNI)
  • Augur ($ REP)

According to the official announcement, users outside the United States will continue to be able to trade in the above currencies.

The reason for the delisting is that US regulators may consider these currencies as securities .

Many digital assets occupied one, two, or all three depending on their context and use. 3 / Our view is that digital assets represent a fundamental new class of financial instruments that define simple classification as security, complexity or currency.

— Poloniex Exchange (@Poloniex) May 16, 2019

Poloniex explains more details on Twitter, and that the delisting was a response to cryptocurrency guidance from US regulatory agencies, and that Poloniex itself is mere securities or It was revealed that he thought it was not a currency but a new financial product.

Article Source: Poloniex, Twitter

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