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[Preservation version] GMO coin official application (bitre) explains how to use!

GMOコイン アプリ

GMO coin, one of the domestic cryptocurrency exchanges, has released the official official application “Bitleigh” .

It is an application that has a very popular reputation as being easy to use · easy to see.

On this page, I will explain basic usage of such official GMO application “Bitle”.

If you read this you can remember the basic usage of Bitlegun, you can use the application immediately.

Let’s check the features and precautions of a bitre (GMO coin official application)!

Let’s first understand the characteristics of the application before you start using the application.

If you understand the features and precautions you can use safely and securely.

Good reputation as chart is easier to see · Easy to use

Although I was not using bitre
It is easy to see for charts
Even the entry of feces bit flyer
It was much better.
Rather this is the minimum level.
It’s Forex trading.

– Become a neonate @ cryptocurrency (@ neoneetis GOD) August 8, 2018

I’ve patronized you a bit! Even on smartphone charts are easy to see!

– Pot (@ crypto_oji 3) April 17, 2018

The reputation of charts on twitter is often related to charts.

You can easily display the indicator on the chart, there are many reputation that the chart is easy to see.

Because the indicator is hard to understand for beginners, it is appreciated that it is easy to display.

Speed ​​ordering function is super convenient!

GMO coin ‘s bitter kun’ s speed order “was really easy and fast, and if somehow touched it was ordered 😅 XRP short! # cryptocurrency novice

– ち ょ Bitcoin $ (@ CHOBITCOINS) September 25, 2018

Well, there are spreads of GMO coins and spreads, but the buy side slips somewhat, but unlike a certain fryer it will not solidify, so it’s okay.

Speed ​​order or God UI. Anyway, if you have ten times the lever, I’m happy because I can put in quotes like that.

If the voice of the user is reflected in the trading system like this, the degree of faith will increase. https://t.co/bvV6FaHtqN

– Big booby trader @ FX cryptocurrency (@ bubbachuck_ fx) 25 April 2018

Bitcoin FX. Is there some people using GMO coin main? What? Although I feel that it is unsatisfactory by lever 5 times, it is easy to see and the speed order is oneself easy to use image.

– cryptocurrency Hatsune Taro (@ tousidaizi) April 6, 2018

In addition to charts for GMO coin applications, the evaluation of speed order is high.

Although there are spreads, you can deal instantly with the displayed rate, so you can respond to the instant value movements as well.

Let’s take care of fakes / fake apps

Because there are often fakes in these popular apps, please download from the official so as not to be deceived by fakes.

If you enter personal information etc. in a fake app, there is also the case of loss of personal information or in the worst case the funds are illegally dispensed.

Never download non-official apps in order not to suffer damage.

Let’s try downloading · installing and launching a bitre (GMO coin official application)

Let’s actually download and use the application.

You can use it as soon as you download and install the application.

I will explain how to use the app from now on with the actual screen. I do not have any difficulties so I think I will be able to master it soon!

You can download the bitre (GMO coin official application) from Appstore · GooglePlay

Mr. bitre

Both of the iOS and Android versions are available, so either user can use it with confidence.

In order not to download counterfeit apps, let’s make sure that the developer is “GMO Coin, Inc.”.

Log in after installing the application

Bit Leinger Login

When opening the application this screen will be displayed, so enter your email address and login password and login.

If you are not registered yet let ‘s finish opening account of GMO coin with reference to “【Preservation version】 GMO coin registration method summary! Account opening · Initial setting until comment”.

Illustrates the basic usage of Bit Le (GMO coin official application)!

After logging in to the application, let’s check the basic usage of the bitre application.

As you can read this, you can master the basic usage of Bitleg, so be sure to read while actually manipulating the app!

How to use speed order is super easy!

GMO Coin Speed ​​order

Since there is an item called speed order in the menu bar below, you can trade if you choose here!

How to use Speed ​​order is very easy, just enter trading quantity and press Sell or Buy to complete the transaction.

Speed ​​orders can be ordered without a time lag, so if you are new to beginners or how to get ordered, it may be better to use this in the beginning.

Simple and easy to order orders

GMO coin application applied order

You can make a successful order from the trade of the menu below.

It is the easiest ordering method that you can order by simply entering the transaction quantity.

Since the order is completed instantly at the current rate once you confirm the successful order, let’s trade after checking the current rate well.

You can place limit orders and stop limit orders from the “regular” menu

Bit Left Limit Order

You can place a limit or stop price from the item ‘Normal’ in the trade.

Since you can place an order at the price you wish to trade on the limit order, you will expect to move on the chart and put out the order.

Since the limit order is the way of the most basic limit order ordering, let the beginner also be able to master early.

Set an interest / loss line in OCO order

GMO coin application OCO order

The OCO order is an ordering method that can issue two orders and can cancel the other order when one order has contracted.

When you already have a position, it is often used as “an order to decide the line of profit / loss line”.

By deciding the width of profit and loss, it helps to trade without being thrown by your emotions.

Simultaneously set the winning rate and settlement line on IFD order

Bitleigh IFD order

The IFD order is an ordering method (only new orders) to use when not holding a position, and decides at what time the position is fixed at the execution condition and order rate first.

Then you can set the price of the interested order on the settlement input screen and order at once.

Even if you have to take your eyes off the market, you can prevent unexpected losses as you can have a position as well as order a precise order.

IFDOCO Order is set as Limit Order and Profit / Loss Offset

GMO coin application IFDOCO order

IFDOCO ordering is an ordering method that allows you to place limit orders, qualifications and loss cut orders at once with an ordering method that combines IFD orders and OCO orders.

First you can decide the order price with limit price and set interest and loss cut line on settlement input screen.

At first you may not get used to it a bit, but if you can master it it is very handy so that you can master it, the breadth of trading will spread much.

Commentary on view of fulfilling chart screen!

GMO Coin Application Chart

This image is the chart screen. Switching the time axis etc can be set in the upper left.

The time axis can be chosen from 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, 8 hours, and daily, weekly and monthly legs can be selected for the time period.

Let’s take a look at the chart on various time axes.

Band Left Chart

Tap on the upper right corner to display a mark like a picture.

By tapping this you can display the indicator on the chart.

You can also change the price range of the chart with the right slide.

GMO Coin Application Chart How to use

A list of indicators is here and general items are available! Tap the check on the left and tap the setting to use it.

Also, it is possible to display several indicators at the same time.

Since there are various ways of using and combining, let’s touch various indicators ahead of time!

Conclusion – Betray (GMO coin official application) comfortably deals from smartphone!

Mr. bitre

Bitary app summary
  • The chart is easy to see and the application is easy to use
  • Speed ​​order is too convenient
  • Special orders can also be easily traded from a smartphone application

The GMO coin application “Bitlere” is a reputable application among cryptocurrency applications.

Of course convenience functions such as speed ordering and special orders are available, but since charts are easy to see, there are not a few people using it just to see the chart.

Let’s download and install it once and actually use it!

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