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President Putin “Huobi (Fobi) will grow the economy of Russia”

President Putin "Huobi (Fobi) will grow the economy of Russia"

On September 20th, Mr. Leon Li of Huobi (Fobi) met with Sergey Glazyev, an advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin, discussed the possibilities of cryptocurrency, block teen and Huobi in the Russian financial market.

Sergey said in a meeting:

The cryptocurrency industry is rapidly expanding and countries all over the world are trying to grow the industry.
If Huobi can show a good example in the Russian cryptocurrency market, it will not only contribute to legislation but will also affect Russia’s economic growth.

Mr. Sergey is one person who supports block chain technology and prefers that block chains should be used for measures against state affairs, corruption and financial fraud.

In some countries, block chain technology exceeds the limits of the cryptocurrency and is used for management processes such as smuggle control.
cryptocurrency enhances block chain development.
In order to make financial markets more sustainable and transparent, I hope that organizations in developed countries will utilize digital technology and block chains.

On September 19th the previous day, it was announced that Huobi participated in the Russian VEB (Russia Development Foreign Economic Bank) Innovation Fund.

The aim is to utilize Huobi’s experience and knowledge on cryptocurrency regulation and to establish practical regulations in Russia.

In addition, Huobi Russian Andrei Grachev revealed that he was about to enter Russia in April this year , “Huobi decided to open a cryptocurrency exchange in Russia, Russian investors support Huobi I can receive it in my mother tongue. “

In fact, Huobi Cloud building a digital asset trading platform, Huobi OTC of P2P trading platform will be offered.

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Article Source: Huobi Founder Leon Li Meets With Vladamir Putin Advisor Sergey Glazyev

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