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Qtum announces planning atomic swap with BTC

Block Chain Platform Qtum’s management team announced on 9th that it is planning atomic swap with Bitcoin (BTC) on the main net .

Atomic swap refers to technology that directly exchanges different virtual currencies without going through exchanges or third parties.

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Atomic swap between QTUM and BTC is realized by a technique called “Hash Time-Locked Contracts (HTLCs)” . Since Qtum supports both Bitcoin payment scripts and Solidity, HTLCs created based on another open source cryptocurrency, Decred code, with a preposition that there are two approaches to cross-chain realization. It was revealed that it was done.

Qtum argues in this blog post that this technology is the safest way to achieve atomic swap at the moment.

Also, Qtum management revealed that besides atomic swap, the plan of “0 Value UTXOs” product is progressing. This is a system where users do not have to hold tokens as long as third parties pay a fee while using Smart Contract.

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