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Real estate worth 800 million yen in France is traded using the Ethereum blockchain

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In Paris, France, a luxury real estate of 6.5 million euros (equivalent to 800 million yen) was first traded as a tokenized door set .

The property, called AnnA Villa, was sold to French real estate companies Sapeb Immobilier and Valorcim, and the two companies transferred ownership of the property to joint venture SAPEB AnnA.

After that, the French block chain investment platform Equisafe divides its rights to 100 sheets token on ethereum, was re-distributed to the two companies.

Each token can be further subdivided into 100,000 units, so in theory it would be possible to trade ownership of the property starting at € 6.50 (equivalent to ¥ 800) .

Segmentation of ownership (fractional ownership) has received a great deal of attention in recent years as one of the benefits provided by real-world, art, collectible, etc. tokenized door sets, and security tokens such as stocks and bonds.

What is “fractional ownership” generated by security tokens?

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