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Reputation BitMart (bitmart) reputation · registration method · how to use Summary!


BitMart (Bitmart) is a relatively new exchange opened in March 2018.

Among the new exchanges, it is one of the most notable exchanges, and there are many Japanese users who are using it.

Attention was also drawn when BitMart’s huge electronic advertisement was posted on the Nasdaq bulletin board of Times Square in New York.

Here, I summarize the registration method and basic usage method from the features and merits of such BitMart (bitmart).

If you read this, you can open a bank account and start trading as well as understanding BitMart’s features and notes.

Introducing the five features and benefits of BitMart (bitmart)!

Let’s first examine what exchange BitMart (Bitmart) is!

Exchanges already registered with US government agency MSB

BitMart is officially registered in the US government agency MSB (Money Service Business) in April 2018.

This means that BitMart is legally able to open exchanges in the United States .

Many overseas exchanges have many unclear corporate information and operator information, and many unreliable exchanges exist.

BitMart does not have such anxiety, it is an exchange that you can trade with confidence.

There is a unique exchange token BMX

BitMart has issued its own token BMX .

Since BitMart is an emerging exchange, it is conceivable that demand and value will increase as users increase.

BMX token overview

Currency name BitMart
Ticker BMX
Operator BitMart Exchange
Total issue number 1 billion pieces
standard ERC 20
Holders’ rights Transaction fee free
Mission X participation right

BMX has a usage method that is beneficial to users.

As one of them, you can use it in an event like the evolutionary type of listing vote called Mission X in BitMart.

Outline of Mission X
  • Listing vote using BMX. Collect more than 1 million BMX and listed on BitMart
  • Number of votes less than 1 million BMX … After locking 90 days BMX return
  • Number of votes more than 1 million BMX … Currency listing & commission reduction

Like the listing votes on Binance and Huobi, I will vote on the listed cryptocurrency (project) that I want to list on BitMart .

When one million BMX gathers in the invested project, the cryptocurrency of the project will be listed and you will be able to trade on bitmart.

Furthermore, unlike the listing vote of other exchanges, when the voting currency is listed, 100% of the transaction fee in that currency will be distributed as compensation to those who invest .

In addition, although invested BMX will be locked for 90 days, if the project can not be listed without collecting 1 million BMX, BMX will be returned as it is returned.

Mission X’s Point
  • Voting when not reaching 1 million BMX BMX is fully refunded (after 90 days)
  • Reached 1 million BMX · You can withdraw all BMX voted on even after listing (lock on 90th)
  • Just by voting and listing, you get unlimited transaction fee without doing anything

Commission is the lowest level 0.05%

The transaction fee for BitMart is uniformly 0.05% .

This is the lowest level compared with the fees of other exchanges.

Transaction fee list of major exchanges

Exchanges Transaction fee discount
BitMart 0.05%
Binance 0.1% Up to 50%
OKEx 0.05 to 0.20%
(Fluctuate with trading volume)
Huobi 0.1% Up to 50%
ZB.com 0.2%

It is one of the world’s top trading stock exchanges, which compares trading fees of exchanges handling a large number of alto coins .

TOP’s Binance also has a basic transaction fee of 0.1% and a BNB discount of up to half the price (0.05%).

In addition, it is not realistic to apply the maximum discount as OKEx and Huobi have to clear a considerably large hurdle to reduce the fee.

Thus , comparing it with the world’s top-class exchange, you can see how much BitMart’s trading volume is benefited.

The smartphone application is substantial

BitMart application

BitMart can use a smartphone application that supports both iOS / Android .
* Of course you can use it on the tablet as well.

Both are similar to the use feeling of the web version, so you can conveniently deal with smartphones.

When you select the currency you wish to trade you will see a chart so you can check the price move firmly without going to the computer.

You can get BMX by air drop when registering

BitMart Air Drop

Just by registering BitMart you can get 20 BMX by Air Drop.

Just by registering a mail address, you can receive BMX tokens with no risk, so there is no hand to register.

* In order to withdraw or trade 20 BMX, it is necessary to make a transaction of 0.01 BTC or more on BitMart.

What is Air Drop?
It is an event where the cryptocurrency is free.

Let’s check notes and disadvantages of BitMart

It is important to check the disadvantages and cautions of BitMart before actually registering and using it.

Let’s fully understand the characteristics of each exchange and use it.

Volume is still less

According to Coinmarketcap data, BitMart’s volume ranking is located around 35th place as of September 2018.

It is a fact that the average amount of transactions is still small compared with TOP class Binance and OKEx.

That said, we are gradually increasing the ranking since we started service since March 2018, so we are hoping for future growth.

We have fewer virtual currencies listed

The cryptocurrency handled by BitMart is over 30 currencies at the beginning of September 2018, and the transaction pair is over 70 pairs .

Speaking of Altcoin’s handling currency, Binance and OKEx are not enough yet, but the speed of listing at Bitmart is quite fast.

I think that the currency of promising projects will continue to be listed more and more so I always want to draw attention.

There is a risk common to Emerging Markets

BitMart is a still young emerging exchange that started in March 2018.

Although it is growing steadily for now, there is no possibility that it will be collapsed when management no longer goes on, such as when the number of users is sluggish in the future.

If that happens, the cryptocurrency deposited in the exchange can not be withdrawn, so the asset will be zero.

BitMart is an attractive exchange, but keep in mind that there are risks of closing and running away.

This risk is not limited to BitMart. Since it is a risk common to emerging exchanges, only BitMart is not particularly dangerous.

Let’s refer to reputation of BitMart (bitmart) · word of mouth

Bitmart, which has become a hot topic on Twitter, has a handling fee of over 0.05%. Bloggers seem to have a chance.

– edindin @ cryptocurrency blog (@ edindin_crypto) August 10, 2018

Territorial waters (^ ^ ♪
Does BTCC have transaction mining? Will it earn points by registering … I wonder if BitMart is more attractive if it is an upcoming exchange with a dividend rate of 80% ?
Bgogo Nice feeling ❢ Good luck with generous amount Fuyosho (≧ ▽ ≦)

– Konbu Moriya-chan ?? ♀ ️ Voe 48 18 (@ konbumorichan) August 6, 2018

It is BitMart. Even if you think about it now, I think that it is not a touch turning touch, so it may be better to keep it in one corner of your head.
If the rush of the Bitcoin · crash is settled, the exchange token may be colored again.

– DEG (@ DEG_2020) August 3, 2018

As bitmart, 1 BMX = 670 satoshi now, if supposing that you could buy 1 million BMX at 670 satoshi, if you contribute 6.7 BTC in total you can list any currency / BMX pair and you can honor the transaction fee afterwards.

– UKI (@blog_uki) August 3, 2018

Huh? BTC volume first place? BitMart? pic.twitter.com/mmbah3khxb

– Public Notice (@ pirikam) July 19, 2018

Last week’s Weekly Reports has been updated!
Last week, I mainly participated in “The Blockchain Without Borders Token Expo 2018” and prepared for the autumn limited time campaign.

For details click here https://t.co/IhZ3WRTfHW

– [Official] BitMart fee 0.05% (@BitMartJapan) September 6, 2018



Explain how to register BitMart (bitmart)! Let’s set up an account and set up security

I will explain how to register to BitMart.

Let’s start with BitMart’s site and proceed with account explanation procedure.

Create an account

When you open the BitMart site there is a link from the top page to the new registration screen.

Let’s click and proceed to the new registration screen.

Enter the necessary information on the new registration screen and check the consent to the contract checkbox. When you are finished, click “Next”.

About the strength of the password
In order to prevent the password from being decrypted, it is recommended to use the one created at the password generation site. Do not use the same thing as other sites and services even if you make a mistake.

Let’s match the puzzle pieces of the image. Drag the round button to the right and move it.

Since the code necessary for new registration arrives in the mail, it will be entered on the mail authentication code screen.

Click “Submit” when input is completed.

Once successful submission is completed, login becomes possible.

Let’s enter the registered e-mail address and password.

Once you match the puzzle pieces of the image again, it’s safe to log in.

New registration is completed so far.

The screen after login is here.

How to set 2-step authentication (2FA)

Next is the setting procedure of 2 step authentication (2FA) using the Google Authenticator application.

In order to prevent unauthorized login to the exchange and unauthorized withdrawal, let’s do it when registration is completed.

After clicking the address in the upper right of the chart, a sidebar will appear from the right, so click “Account”.

Click the “Enable” button on the right side of the Google authentication system under Security Settings.

Read the QR code with Google Autherticator and enter the code displayed.

When you are finished, please click “Submit”.

Authentication is successful when switching to this screen.

How to do KYC (identity verification)

Submission of identity confirmation documents is done on the same screen as security setting.

Click “Click to start verify” at the top of the screen.

After selecting “Japan”, enter necessary information. For “real name” part, please input Roman alphabet in case of selecting passport in the identity verification document and kanji in case of driver’s license.

Upload photos of identity confirmation documents.

With ID Selfe, you need to upload your photo with the date and exchange name.

Finally, clicking “Submit” will result in “Verifying” so let’s wait for the review.

【Deposit / withdraw · transaction method】 Let’s check the basic usage of BitMart (bitmart)

Finally, I will summarize basic usage of BitMart.

Once you know how to deposit, how to actually trade cryptocurrency, and how to withdraw money from the exchange you can use BitMart without problems.

How to deposit (remit to BitMart)

Click on the address in the upper right of the screen and select “deposit” in the sidebar.

Since the list of brands of the cryptocurrency is displayed, please select the currency to be deposited and click “deposit”. Then the “depositable address” and the deposit bar code are displayed.

Once you know the address, let’s access the exchanges or wallet from which you have deposited money and enter it in the “DEPARTMENT ADDRESS ADDRESS” form. Please enter necessary items such as quantity and proceed with dispensing procedure.

How to withdraw money (remittance from BitMart)

We will also make a withdrawal from the same screen as payment.

You can select the currency from the stock list of the cryptocurrency and click “withdraw” to withdraw the currency.

How to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency

It is a transaction method at BitMart. Current BitMart will be dealings only with a limit.

Click “Transaction” at the top left of the top screen.

Since currency pairs are displayed on the left side, select the target pair.

The left green is the purchase order, the right red is the sell order.

The transaction quantity can be entered manually or can be selected by reflecting the percentage of your asset (25 to 100%).

Commission is the cheapest class! Join BitMart (Bitmart) and win BMX!


Features of BitMart
  • The fee is the industry’s lowest class 0.05%
  • A remarkable emerging exchange where promising currencies are listed one after another
  • You can get your own token BMX by just registering

You can get 20 BMX by simply registering by e-mail address. I do not know when this air drop will end, so let’s just register as soon as possible!

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