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Reveals that the number of monthly active users for Metamask has reached 250,000

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Bobby Dresser, product director of Etheriam Wallet ” Metamask ” used to access DApps, has revealed that the app has reached 264,000 active users each month.

Metamask is said to have recorded about 1.5 million transactions last month, of which 1 million are mainnets and the remaining 500,000 are testnets.

The majority of this transaction is DApps related, with 76% issued by DApps (Smart Contract) itself .

The largest transaction volume, DApps, is the browser-based Solidity compiler ” Remix “, followed by game wallets such as “0x Universe”, “Crypto Kitties” and “MyEtherWallet”.

Only the Fork Delta (fork delta) of the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) is the only top 5 ranked exchange.

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