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Ripple and Forte Launch Large Fund for Game Market


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I have studied a wide range of techniques and applications of distributed ledger technology.

Ripple , a developer of distributed ledger technology (DLT) infrastructure, and crypto start-up Forte have found that they have set up a $ 100 million fund aimed at introducing XRP into the gaming market.

Start-up Forte, which has partnered with Ripple, has already talked with more than 40 game developers about the operation of the fund.

A joint Forte-Ripple fund was established in early March this year.

Most of the negotiations are not about developing new games, but about adding items such as item management using blockchain technology to products that already have users.

By applying Interledger protocol- based non-substitutional token (NFT) to in-game items, the company gives the user a “feeling of owning an item” and can also buy and sell items via XRP. I say.

Forte will further promote the integration of blockchain technology and the gaming market, with a view to cooperation with other platforms such as Ethereum, EOS and TRON.

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