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Ripple CEO “XRP is 1000 times faster than Bitcoin and cheap”

Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of the company, said at a ripple conference “SWELL” held from October 1st, two days, said that ” XRP is 1000 times faster than a Bitcoin and cheap .”

In response to Cheddar’s interview, Mr. Garlinghouse mentioned about the survival of the cryptocurrency and his thoughts on XRP.

cryptocurrency investment based on speculation does not solve the problems of the present society at all. These ways of investing are dangerous gambling.

(I do not care about the price (XRP) at all. However, I am thinking about the technical aspect. I am concerned about the fact that (for example) XRP can do transactions 1000 times faster and cheaper than Bitcoins.

He said that while 90% of the cryptocurrency based on speculation disappears, XRP will continue to “concentrate on technology rather than price” while 90% of the cryptocurrency is based on speculation.

Garlinghouse also announced the commercial release of the international payment protocol ” xRapid ” on the first day of the conference.

Article Source: Ripple CEO: XRP Crypto Product ‘Thousand Times Faster’ Than Bitcoin

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