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Ripple CEO “XRP is one of the world's best performing digital currencies”

Ripple CEO Brad Garinghaus said that “XRP (ripple) is one of the world’s best performing digital currencies” .

In an interview performed by Bloomberg in Singapore, Mr. Garing House talked about how excellent Ripple is.

Garlinghouse responds to the interviewer’s question “Why do you think ripples are better than rivals?” As follows. (Partial summary)

“Ripple has acquired value as a company or as a digital asset called XRP by solving problems actually occurring.Ripple solves the problem of payment across borders and sells new technology to banks This created a lot of hype, but ripples have focused only on solving real problems .

Mr. Garing House said that this year it has become a record year for Ripple since it has concluded contracts with Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and US banks with more than two products in a week.

In response to the question “Why does not the institutional adoption of ripple technology by the bank” he revealed that the regulation is a big problem, because high technology is gathered in Singapore because the regulation is clear It was made.

(Movie source: Bloomberg)

Also, Ripple has recently announced xCurrent’s latest version “xCurrent 4.0” which added accessibility to xRapid etc.

· Ripple (Ripple) announces “xCurrent 4.0”! Access to xRapid is possible.
· Thorough explanation of Ripple’s products “xCurrent” and “xRapid”!

Article Source: Bloomberg, ZyCrypto

The problem of international remittance is a problem that is not familiar to Japanese citizens, but it seems to be a very big problem when looking at companies and world level.

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