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Ripple Manager talks about the Ripple XRP course, the Blockchain and xRapid in a new interview


Asheesh Birla, Ripple's senior vice president of product management, recently spoke with PCMag about the XRP price, the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

“Ripple is not deterred by short-term price fluctuations and looks at the long-term market outlook,” said Senior Vice President of Product Management, Asheesh Birla.

In an interview recently conducted with PCMag, Birla explained Ripples work in the blockchain world and his view of cryptocurrencies at the turn of the year.

Is the weak XRP rate a problem for the company ripple?

Ripples XRP and Ether Ether have been struggling for some time to become the second largest cryptocurrency. XRP is currently taking this place.

PCMag asked Birla if the price volatility had any effect on Ripple Labs day-to-day operations. Birla answered:

“We look at the entire market (the crypto currencies) in the longer term.”

He said the price did not matter as digital assets were nearly worthless in 2013. To date, this setting has not changed greatly at Ripple Labs.

He added that he does not feel resigned to the crash of crypto-doings in 2018. On the contrary, he regards this development as positive. It helps to push the speculators out of the market so that enough time remains for the actual development of the technology.

Birla said the blockchain needs to solve real problems. If the use of blockchain technology does not improve existing processes at least tenfold, then she missed her target.

If a simpler technology could be used to perform a task, there would be no reason to use a complex technology like the blockchain, according to Birla.

What does the future hold for the Blockchain and Ripple XRP?

Birla points out in an interview that Ripple's decision to work with banks and financial institutions has paid off. For example, Ripple's finance partners include companies such as Santander, BBVA and American Express.

Birla is confident that the demand and use of XRP will increase as more and more companies build on Ripples technology.

He said:

“I would look at many companies building apps on the XRP platform. Ripple is a company that offers cross-border payments. Coil is a company that builds on the XRP technology to offer micro payments. This is a technology that runs through the browser and automatically pays for streaming content. Omni is another company that uses the XRP base to offer rentals and storage. “

He said that these projects are funded by Xpring. This is the Ripple incubation and investment initiative that helps companies use the XRP Ledger and XRP Digital Assets.

Sources: Blokt, Pixabay

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