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Ripple rejects partnership speculation with SWIFT


Earlier this month, Ripple Labs announced that it would participate in the Sibos 2018 conference in Sydney. Sibos is the world's most important trade fair for financial services and is hosted by SWIFT. Interestingly, SWIFT is also the largest competitor of Ripple Labs. I had previously reported on the blog that SWIFT is working on a new version of its aging cross-border payment processing solution. In the light of the competitive situation, many observers suspected that a partnership between Ripple and SWIFT may be emerging.

Many ripple managers had already expressed their attitude towards SWIFT this year. Their statements showed that they want to replace the previous top dogs and seek no partnership. The Ripple Community on Twitter did not stop that from speculation and discussions, of course. Many continued to expect an upcoming partnership.

Ripple Manager disagrees with SWIFT statement on conference

In a tweet, Marcus Treacher of Ripple spoke directly to the conference:

SWIFT today at Sibos: “The benefits of DLT [Digital Ledger Technology] are promising, but the real implementation is still years away.” There are over 100 financial institutions that make immediate payments in 40 countries on 6 continents and would say otherwise. “

Treacher tweeted to the ripple banking network, also known as RippleNet, which includes 40 countries. The goal of Ripple is to introduce a seamless payment network that spans the globe. So one wants to create the foundation of the “Internet of values”.

In another tweet, Treacher wrote:

“The new McKinsey World Payments Map suggests that leading banks are moving away from POCs and toward large-scale use of the blockchain. Ripples Blockchain provides faster access to the market and enables better global payment services. “

With his tweets, Treacher evidently spoke to many ripple friends. For example, the user “Jlynn4u” confirmed this:

“I hope the ripple team makes it clear that the Blockchain solution with Ripple, which in the opinion of SWIFT years away already exists. I hope you get an opportunity for a response. “

Twitter user Pieter Swanepoel said:

“” years away “? So that means that [Ripple] XRP is currently the best way to make cross-border payments. “

Also the user “omegatrader” wrote:

“I think what they wanted to say [SWIFT] is that they like DLT, but it will take a long time to use the technology. That's what I call nonsense! Lol. “

Twitter user “CryptoPenny” drew his own conclusion and denied all partnership speculation. He tweeted:

“Obviously, there is no” partnership “. The plan now seems to be that Ripple [Labs] SWIFT just wants to show you where to go. “

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