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Ripple (ripple) · Group headed by NEM “Blockchain for Europe” launched

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Ripple, NEM, Fetch.AI, EMURGO (Cardano) established the organization ” Blockchain for Europefor the purpose of encouraging block chain technology and related regulations within the European Union (EU).

The organization collects regulatory information that tends to be scattered and plans to introduce regulations that will lead to the development of block chain technology and distributed ledger technology (DLT) within the EU.

The organization held ” Blockchain for Europe Summit ” at the EU parliament building of Brussels, Belgium last month and said that it provided a place for key persons of politics, business and academia to exchange views.

In fact, the conference seems to have been an event where major companies such as IBM , Microsoft and others joined in addition to a number of EU members and megabanks .

Blockchain for Europe based in Belgium is operated by Block Chain · NEM and others who adopted Ripple (ripple) and Proof of Importance (POI) algorithm which are gaining momentum this year.

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List of Operating Companies | From Jenthe MEDIUM

The introduction of cryptographic assets and DLT-related regulation seems to be particularly difficult in the European Union where many countries share policies and currencies, and attention is drawn to how Blockchain for Europe solves this problem.

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