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Ripple (Ripple) CEO “Overtake SWIFT”, denied alliance rumors

Ripple (Ripple) CEO "Overtake SWIFT", denied alliance rumors Ripple (Ripple) CEO "Overtake SWIFT", denied alliance rumors - shutterstock 300362939 696x465

Briar Garlinghaus CEO of Ripple (ripple) said that the goal is “to overtake SWIFT” and denied rumors of a partnership, according to the interview that Bloomberg performed on the 13th this month.

Mr. Garing House pointed out that SWIFT technology was developed several decades ago and revealed that a large number of customers who are seeking faster and new ripple technology are flooded.

(Movie source: Bloomberg)

He also said that he will focus on “how Ripple / XRP (ripple) will make small settlement possible” in the future.

SWIFT is currently tying up with 11 thousand financial institutions in 200 countries around the world and denies the rumors of integrating its platform with xRapid earlier this month.

SWIFT has announced a partnership with Microsoft on October 21 of last month and is planning to build a safe remittance system faster than before by integrating SWIFT’s payment network into Azure Cloud.

Microsoft partnered with SWIFT to build a faster money transfer system
SWIFT denies rumors of Ripple xRapid integration to the platform

Article Source: bloomberg

Is it okay to regard this as a batchy relationship? Is SWIFT of a powerful existing company or Ripple going the cutting edge of the times? It has become an interesting development.

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