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Ripple (ripple) Former CTO 's new project' Coil 'starts the closed beta test

Coindesk’s coverage showed that the project ” Coil ” launched by former chief technical officer of Ripple (ripple) started a closed beta test for some individuals and organizations.

In Coil, content producers are working on the development of ” website subscription service ” that can earn money on their website, etc. The project itself has just been announced in May this year.

Ripple chief technology officer resigns and develops a new service “Coil” – CRYPTO TIMES

Users are expected to pay the monthly subscription fee to Coil and enjoy the content of creators affiliated with the service.

The creator side will be able to set business models finely , such as what kind of contents are to be provided or whether to distribute benefits according to the user’s contribution degree.

The project uses the open source protocol ” Interledger ” and the Smart Contract language ” Codius ” which was developed by Ripple Co., Ltd. but has lost its practical use as the main technology.

In addition, Coil has already been adapted for operability with external services such as Wikipedia , YouTube , Twitch etc.

You can also apply for closed beta testing of this project that combines subscription services like Netflix and Spotify with web monetization.

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