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Ripple (ripple) / $ XRP adds as a new correspondence currency with service “CRED” that can form a loan in cryptocurrency!

“CRED” , a service that can receive US dollar-denominated loans with the cryptocurrency as collateral, announced that it will add a new ripple (XRP) as the corresponding currency.

The ripple (XRP) holders seem to be able to cash into the US dollar without worrying about taxes and to form a loan with one-digit interest rate . CRED co-founder Dan Scatt talks about adding this ripple (XRP) as follows.

“We are pleased to provide XRP holders with convenient liquidity services with the same low interest rates as ETH and BTC holders.We are delighted to partner with CRED platform for the benefit of users We will continue to support it. “

Also Mike Arlington , the founder of CRED user Arrington XRP Capital, also commented to CRED as follows.

“As a CRED borrower, I appreciate that CRED’s correspondence is very compatible with my needs.They are credible bridges between the traditional financial services ecosystem and the cryptographic community I will continue fascinating me. “

In addition to announcing the addition of this ripple (XRP), CRED also announced that it increased the global credit facility by $ 50 million to 300 million dollars (about 33 billion yen).

XRP hodlers can borrow as low as single-digit interest rates when they visit https://t.co/ya5n9glsuD and click “Get Early Access.” Https://t.co/NpMlUjOiW7 pic.twitter.com/kigkwoNNqh

– CRED (@ ihaveCred) November 8, 2018

Glossary CRED : Block chain startup founded in 2018 by former PayPal executives. Currently users are said to be 100,000 people.

Article Source: MORNINGSTAR

I did not know the service called CRED. It’s amazing to have a loan in cryptocurrency.

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