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Ripple (ripple) / $ XRP is adopted as the first cryptocurrency settlement measure of R3 settlement application!

Ripple (ripple) / $ XRP was selected as the first cryptocurrency settlement method of settlement application “Corda Settler” announced on December 5 by R3 company of distributed ledger technology development company .

Richard Mendall Brown of R3’s CTO (Chief Technology Officer) stated about this ripple adoption as follows.

“Support to XRP as a coda settler and first payment instrument is important to show how powerful ecosystems can be made by collaboration between the two most influential virtual currencies in the world and the block chain community It will be a step. “

Corda Settler is a system design specialized for liquidating payment obligations on R3’s proprietary block chain platform and seems to correspond to any global payment system.

By adopting XRP (ripple) in Corda Settler this time, it seems that you can request settlement using XRP (ripple) on payment obligation that occurred during the business process.

R3 claimed in the past that Ripple violated the preliminary agreement to purchase XRP and was making a case, but both have settled in September this year and the relationship between the two is good also from this ripple adoption I can tell you.

It is clear that R3 will establish a joint venture with SBI Holdings in January 2019. It seems that this joint venture company aims at spreading Corda which is the original block chain of R3.

(Image quotation: SBI)

Article Source: R3, Nihon Keizai Shimbun

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