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Ripple (ripple / $ XRP) praised class lawsuit matter to federal court praise attorney

It became clear that the class action lawsuit against Ripple was transferred from the state court to the federal level court .

According to THE RECORDER, ripple issued XRP without reporting as securities (such as stocks and bonds themselves possess property value), CEO and ripple have to pay the price of XRP It is said that class action lawsuits have been filed by more than 100 people on suspicion that they are manipulating.

The lawsuit amount in the case is said to be as much as 5 million dollars (about 600 million yen) .

On the other hand, ripple insists that “we should not trial at the state level court because geographical separation of plaintiffs in class actions” and agreed a case in federal court.

Regarding the transfer to the federal court this time, a well-known lawyer, Jake Charvinsky said, “I do not know if Ripple will win or not, but this time the ripple’s tactics are revealed wonderfully.” I applaud Ripple’s lawyers with my own Twitter.

Ripple’s legal team showing some tactical brilliance here.

It’s hard to explain the procedural maneuver in one tweet & I’m not going to thread this, but suffice to say it’s a * seriously * crafty attempt to go federal. Might not work, but slick regardless.https: / / t.co / DuR5kWNJwy

– Jake Chervinsky (@ jchervinsky) November 9, 2018

I can not speak to their odds of winning in the case I still do not know all the facts, but it’s fair to say Ripple’s lawyers think they have better odds of winning in federal court than in state court (or else they would not try trying so hard to remove the case).

– Jake Chervinsky (@ jchervinsky) November 9, 2018

Ripple has also filed a lawsuit against R3, R3 Hold Co, XRP II, etc. as “violated the pre-agreement to purchase XRP”, but it has been settled this September.

Ripple (Ripple) and R3’s case matter settled!

In order for Ripple to successfully move forward, not only technology but also dealing with such problems becomes important.

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