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Ripple (ripple) / $ XRP turned out to be in tie-up with European largest payment company TAS!

Coinspeaker reports that Ripple (ripple) / $ XRP had partnered with the European largest settlement company TAS Group .

This partnership seems to be tied with Ripple (ripple) company’s block chain technology and solution to solve the problem of existing payment system by utilizing block chain technology and solution.

Ripple (Ripple) has signed this alliance and TAS is Europe’s largest payment company offering services to customers in 150 countries worldwide, managing over 100 million cards worldwide.

In the information published by the TAS group, the problems of the existing settlement system are cited as “high transaction fee”, “long settlement time”, “lack of visibility”, etc. and cooperate with Ripple (ripple) It can be solved with.

According to Dieter Schoene, German director of the TAS group, “The TAS group was the first Italian vendor (a company that provides products to users) that introduced the Ripple driver in 2014, and the ripple was evaluated in real time It is part of the transaction of payment. “

(Image source: tasgroup)

Ripple (ripple) is gaining attention from all over the world now with products such as xCurrent and xRapid.

A thorough explanation of Ripple’s products “xCurrent” and “xRapid”!

Article Source: coinspeaker

Looking at the website of the TAS group, it seems that they are also partnering with ripple competitor SWIFT, but are they feeling to use each other’s good part?

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