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Ripple sees great demand for xRapid, xCurrent and xVia

Ripple sees great demand for xRapid, xCurrent and xVia  - ripple fundament min

The cryptocurrency Ripple XRP is currently in the red. This does not apply to other ripple products like xRapid, xCurrent and xVia. These continue to grow in popularity.

Already in March, Marcus Treacher from Ripple showed how Ripple wants to market its products in the future. This plan seems to be coming to fruition as more and more companies, banks and projects are thinking about integrating ripple products.

Global investment bank RBC Capital Markets wrote:

“Although it is not necessary for xCurrent and payment processing, we believe it makes sense to use the overall solution. This is an example of how blockchain, including [ripple] XRP and its associated ledger, can revolutionize the payment market. “

As an advantage of this approach, the bank saw cost savings, speed advantages and greater transparency.

In a paper published in September, the Kuwaiti Bank declares “Kuwait Finance House”:

“Money orders also play a central role in the Middle East. Kuwait Finance House (KFH) is therefore anxious to use the Ripple payment network to speed up these instructions. We are currently testing the service and will submit it to the Kuwaiti Central Bank for approval when the finished version is ready. KFH expects the solution to make payments clearer, safer and faster. “

Next, the bank said:

“The blockchain is also becoming more widespread in the Middle East. Kuwait Finance House is expected to be the first bank in Kuwait to join Ripples' worldwide blockchain network, RippleNet. (…) However, KFH has not yet decided whether to use xCurrent, which allows payments in Fiat currencies, or xRapid based on Ripple XRP. “

The crypto-exchange “Verso.Exchange” wants to equip centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges with gateways to Fiat currencies. The white paper of the project states:

“We still have work to do to integrate a back office bank level or use ripple to make fast and secure back office transactions. For example, Verso could make transparent payments from fiat currencies in cryptocurrencies through Ripples xRapid and xCurrent. “

Another project is “PetroDollars”, which aims to create a globally recognized, digital reserve currency. In his white paper, the project explains:

“PetroDollars, along with its own internal platform development project, plans to acquire a license from San Francisco-based Ripple (…). In addition, we also want to make additional arrangements. “

At the time of writing, a Ripple XRP Coin had a price of $ 0.258. The cryptocurrency had a market capitalization of $ 10.2 billion. It continued to rank third on the list of largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Ripple sees great demand for xRapid, xCurrent and xVia  -

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