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Ripple (XRP) enters into partnership with Elite University


Ripple Labs is constantly gaining new customers worldwide. The company has now entered more than 200 partnerships in 40 different countries. Now the Chinese website “Chainnews” reports that Ripple Labs has entered into a partnership with the renowned Chinese Tsinghua University (THUIFR). This is intended to raise awareness among young Chinese executives about the international regulation of blockchain.

The partnership with Beijing University also includes a research program called “Blockchain Technology Research Program”. With the program one wants to give the students the possibility to get acquainted with many fundamental aspects of the blockchain technology in detail. According to the University on Twitter, several seminars have been held.

The Comments

The partnership also included Ivy Gao, Tsinghua University's Director of International Cooperation and Development. In their opinion, the partnership will be of great benefit to students in their research work as well as at work. On crowdfundinsider, Gao was quoted as saying:

“Most importantly, I believe the program will help them [their students] in their future research or work in the blockchain area.”

Ripple Senior Vice President of Operations Eric van Miltenburg said:

“The goal of the program – giving students opportunities to explore the blockchain – fits in perfectly with Ripple's Blockchain University Initiative. We are proud to support THUIFR in this project and look forward to the beginning. “

Ripple XRP and decentralization

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Ripple XRP uses a consensus protocol. This will help you avoid duplicate spending more efficiently than with proof-of-work protocols. The protocol is based on validator nodes that confirm transactions.

This has led to criticism of Ripple Labs in the past, as most validator nodes were operated by Ripple Labs itself. Thus, the cryptocurrency Ripple XRP deviates from the basic idea of ​​the decentralization of the cryptocurrencies. This, in turn, raises security concerns for some users. On the other hand, Ripple's system is extremely fast and can offer its customers rapid transaction execution times. Many other cryptocurrencies can not compete today.

Ripple vs SWIFT showdown on the conference

As already reported, the Paris Fintech Forum 2019 will take place on January 30 in Paris. It will be a discussion round with the title “Let's send the Money!” (German translation: “Let's send the money!”). Participants of the round are the CEO of Ripple Labs, Brad Garlinghouse, and the CEO of Swift, Gottfried Leibbrandt. Swift is known to be the top dog in the field of cross-border payments. Ripple Labs on the other hand leaves no stone unturned to outdo Swift in the future.

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