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Ripple XRP gets more competition from Stellar Lumens (XLM): New partnership brings Stellar to more than 70 countries


TransferTo is an international money transfer service with branches in more than 70 countries. Now the company has been able to win Stellar's platform for cooperation. This is stated in a notice on the TransferTo website.

The Stellar Lumens price has responded very positively to this message

The partnership aims to make international money transfer easier for both companies. At the same time, the financial institutions and partners of Stellar and TransferTo want to provide additional benefits through extended network coverage.

Stellar is getting more and more into Ripple XRP

Stellar is a block-chain, open-source, open source platform that connects various financial systems. Stellar facilitates international transfers, even across assets. The Stellar Ledger is a platform where clearing, payment and execution are immediate.

TransferTo offers cross-border, mobile payment solutions for emerging markets. The company connects financial institutions and payment service providers from the field of crypto-currencies worldwide.

The partnership aims to provide both companies with a more seamless and efficient billing method for their respective customers.

Aik-Boon Tan is the Chief Customer Officer at TransferTo. He said to the partnership with Stellar:

“We always aim to be at the forefront of the money transfer industry. Through the cooperation with Stellar, we want to use the blockchain and scale our cross-border payment service. This allows us to offer our partners even better services at even lower costs. This will allow our partners to help their clients, the people working abroad, as well as their families at home receiving the payments. “

Also commenting on the cooperation was Lisa Nestor, director of the collaborative department at Stellar.org. She said:

“TransferTo is a leading and innovative payment service provider. The company has a lot of experience and a long reach in emerging markets. We look forward to working with TransferTo to provide a larger network for our current and future partners. No less, we are pleased to be able to offer even better coverage with banking services for those who are disregarded by traditional banking. “

Stellar course responded positively

At the time of writing, a Stellar Lumens (XLM) had a value of $ 0.34. Stellar's market capitalization was $ 6.3 billion. Thus, the cryptocurrency ranked sixth on the list of the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Stellar has had more positives lately. For example, US crypto-exchange Coinbase is currently investigating whether it is listing Stellar Lumens (XLM). That should have given the price a further boost.

However, the quotation is not guaranteed, as Coinbase expressly stated. In the event that a listing is made, this should have a positive impact on the cryptocurrency. In the past, listing on major Bitcoin exchanges has always been associated with increased visibility and easier trading opportunities. This resulted in significant increases in most cases.

Source: TransferTo, Cryptocurrency courses, CoinBase, Pixabay

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