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Ripple XRP is listed on new Bitcoin exchange with 5 million users


Five million people may soon be able to say goodbye to traditional fiat money and pay their bills with Ripple XRP. This is possible thanks to the crypto-payment platform “coins.ph”, which is currently testing the use of Ripple XRP. This is reported by the Philippine krypton news site BitPinas.

Coins.ph allows its users in the Philippines to pay their bills directly in cryptocurrencies. The site has been offering its services since 2014 and says of itself that it now has 5 million users. By 2020, we want to increase the number of users to 20 million. On the platform, customers can also pay with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

First, Ripple XRP is tested by a circle of selected testers on the company's Android app

This news follows other major advances in the mass adoption of Ripple XRP. For example, owners of XRP can now transfer these to a Wirex Visa card. For this I had already reported. At that time, the Wirex tweeted: “… you wish it, we make it possible. Wirex # XRP wallets are now available! “

In a blog post titled “A Ripple on Wirex,” the Wirex team wrote about the XRP token, its genesis, and its use. The team praised the cryptocurrency Ripple XRP expressly. So it was said:

“Unlike competing cryptocurrencies, many financial institutions have already accepted ripple [XRP] to offset internal payments. This is a sure sign of the versatility and reliability of the protocol. “

The Wirex card can then be used to pay for everyday things. Only hours after unlocking this opportunity, users had already transferred Ripple XRP worth millions of dollars to their cards.

Ripple XRP also faces some challenges

at the moment

The current test on coin.ph is certainly very convenient for the company Ripple Labs. At the moment, they are struggling with civil lawsuits in the US, with a new class action lawsuit being announced in recent days. Ripple has taken precautions and should probably survive everything well, but the suit series harms the image of the company. For some time now, Ripple has been steering for a variety of charity activities. These are presented in a media-effective way and should not miss their effect.

Nevertheless, the cryptocurrency Ripple XRP currently suffers greatly from the bear market and has lost much of its value lately. At the time of writing, a ripple XP coin was worth $ 0.30. It turns out that the much-debated separation between the company Ripple Labs and the cryptocurrency XRP is a reality. The company has just finished one of the best quarters in its history, but this is not reflected in the Ripple XRP quote. That would be just fine on recording on coins.ph as it will provide the cryptocurrency with fresh cash and boost trading volume.

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