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Ripple (XRP) is overtaken by Ethereum (ETH), Tron is on everyone's lips and Bitcoin's course holds steady


The cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) has recaptured the second place on the list of largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Ethereum's capitalization was again $ 200 million higher than Ripple XRP's at the time of writing. The fight for second place between the two cryptocurrencies has been going on since last year.

In 2018, Ripple XRP captured Ethereum's second place for the first time. Since then, the two crypto currencies have repeatedly alternated on the field. The last change took place in January 2019, when there was a brief upswing on the crypto market. This upturn benefited Ripple XRP in particular, leading to higher market capitalization.

Ripple XRP see some market observers since the beginning of 2019 very positive. Many others consider this a pump & dump and not an organic price increase. There were also allegations of market capitalization manipulation. Skeptics assume that the ripple team inflates it artificially.

Ethereum also experienced a price upturn at the time, rising to $ 120 per coin. After that, the course fell again. This was clearly due to the postponement of the update “Constantinople”. Originally, the update was scheduled for January. However, the Ethereum team postponed it to the end of February. Now an upswing followed again. If the update is performed, this should further increase Ethereum's rate. Then it could be hard for Ripple XRP to get back into second place. This is also supported by the data collected by the Twitter user “DataLight”. These prove that more accounts are being opened in the Ethereum network. In any case, it remains exciting to continue the development.

What are the other cryptocurrencies doing?

At the time of writing, almost all cryptocurrencies in the top 10 were in the green. The only exceptions were Tron (TRX) and Tether (USDT). These had previously led the group. However, the market has been unstable so the situation can change constantly. So it would not be surprising to see Tron again in a strong updraft soon.

The king of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin (BTC), showed a slow and steady rise. At the time of writing, Bitcoin returned to $ 3,667. Some experts have warned against a new break. However, the crypto community is currently in good mood and hopes the recovery will continue.

The fact that Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies fulfill an important function is currently reflected in the example of Venezuela. There, the weekly trading volume of Bitcoin has reached a new all-time high. The reason for this is that the national currency, the Venezuelan bolivar, has basically become worthless. The uncertainties with regard to the government should do the rest. Despite the predicament in Venezuela, Bitcoin looks like a rock-solid and highlights the role that cryptocurrencies can play.

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