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Ripple XRP on rally after Apple's payment option

Ripple XRP on rally after Apple's payment option

Cryptocurrency Ripple XRP has rallied yesterday, rising above $ 0.53. This followed a message that Ripple XRP could connect to Apple Pay through Wirex. The climb began on Monday at 14:00 UTC (coordinated world time). Ripple XRP rose within hours from 0.46 USD to 0.50 USD. Now the Coin has to show that she can keep this course .

The combination of crypto-wallet provider Wirex with Apple Pay is still under development. Nevertheless, XRP traders and the community saw it as a good sign.

The asset itself remains one of the hot topics in crypto. Ripple XRP has a loyal community, but also many critics. For example, the (allegedly lacking) decentralization is repeatedly denounced, as well as the separation of the company Ripple Labs and its solutions from the cryptocurrency Ripple XRP. However, this no longer applies to the latest solution xRapid. Finally, some critics also take offense at Ripple Labs approaching the banks. The original idea of ​​the cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto was to create a currency that is independent of these very banks.

In practice, Ripple XRP can already be used to make smaller payments in the social media field. However, there are also ripple supporters who expect the ripple solutions to replace the dominant SWIFT system.

However, Ripple XRP is likely to have a different destination in the short term. The goal is to overtake Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency (flippening) in terms of market capitalization. To outperform Ethereum in this regard, Ripple XRP's price would have to rise above $ 0.53, while Ethereum's price remains the same. Of course, the market capitalization does not show the growth potential. Nevertheless, a flippening could carry another price increase.

Ripple XRP gained more than 12 percent in the 24 hours prior to the editorial deadline. In the last week, the coin had already risen by more than 17 percent. Daily trading volume also grew from $ 400 million to over $ 800 million. Ripple XRP is supported by various trading groups, such as the Tether (USDT) and the South Korean Won (KRW).

Ripple XRP has also shown a bias towards short-lived price gains. After the climbs, the asset then fell back to the lower level. The current price increase could therefore be short-lived. However, in the current market Altcoins are also recovering on their own and Ripple XRP is a prime candidate for such a recovery.

So it remains to be seen how Ripple XRP continues to evolve. At any rate, there is no lack of good news.

Ripple XRP on rally after Apple's payment option

Sources: Twitter, Reddit, Pixabay

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