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Ripple XRP on the up: Manager expects strong growth in emerging markets


Ripple Labs has made headlines again lately. This time it was Ripples main solution for cross-border payments, xRapid. The advancing assumption also bodes well for all HODLers of Ripple XRP. That's because this solution makes use of the Ripple XRP liquidity pool directly.

These expectations actively promote ripple. Cory Johnson, Ripple's Chief Market Strategist, said in an interview:

“Mexico and the Philippines – these are the countries where many funds are sent from other countries. There is also a big trade in [ripple] XRP there, so I believe that a broad acceptance of our products in these countries is imminent. We've already experienced that. “

This statement followed a partnership between Ripples and one of the largest providers of cross-border payments in the US, Viamericas. The company offers its services in 34 countries and has an existing network with several local banks.

Paul Dwyer, CEO of Viamericas, said after xRapid's successful pilot tests:

“We believe that cryptocurrencies like [Ripple] XRP will play an important role in future cross-border payments as they are a safe solution to avoid some of the structural inefficiencies of the traditional payment infrastructure.”

Ripple xCurrent becomes the main product

In the current interview, Cory Johnson also explained how he believes the ripple solutions will spread:

“I expect the launch to focus mostly on xCurrent, while a smaller part will be xRapid. An even smaller part should make xVia. This can change over time, but in the beginning, the oldest products have the greatest traction, because the customers have known them the longest and were able to get used to the idea. “

These outlooks should give the ripple investors a positive voice and give the Ripple XRP share a fresh impetus. That would certainly be convenient for many investors, as Ripple XRP's share price is now moving sideways after a substantial increase of 140 percent last month. At the time of writing, a ripple coin was $ 0.46.

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