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Ripple / $ XRP Support and Credit Card Support Determined with Trust Wallet!

Trust WalletでRipple(リップル) / $XRPのサポートとクレジットカード対応が決定!


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It is announced that Trust Wallet is now able to support cryptocurrency ripple (XRP) and credit card support .

Trust Wallet, Binance’s official wallet, has previously supported 16 blockchains and their associated virtual currencies, but now ripples are added.

In addition, the following 5 major virtual currencies can now be purchased by credit card on the Trust Wallet:

・ Ripple / XRP
・ Bitcoin / BTC
・ Bitcoin cash / BCH
・ Light coin / LTC
・ Ethaliam / ETH

According to Viktor, founder of Trust Wallet, about this announcement:

“Adding credit card payment functions is a factor promoting the adoption of cryptocurrency. I would like to add more cryptocurrency and functions to Trust in the future. (Summarized summary )

Binance’s official wallet, Trust Wallet, is currently planning a new initiative called “Trust 2.0” .

Trust 2.0 aims to “release desktop version” and “support Binance Chain as a distributed native wallet”.

Trust Wallet Announces Plans for Trust 2.0! What is “all crypto assets” announced by Trust? – CRYPTO TIMES

Binance, which is currently attracting attention on the Launchpad, will start a token sale on Celer Network (CELR) from 11:00 on March 19 as its third installment. (Click here for details)

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