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Ripple XRP technology is ideal for partnering with Amazon

Ripple XRP technology is ideal for partnering with Amazon

Many observers believe that the crypto markets will soon experience a gold rush atmosphere as at the end of 2017. Whether this will happen is still uncertain, but many experts assume. Just think of Bill Barhydt, the CEO of Abra, who told Business Insider:

“I talk to hedge funds, to individuals, and even to commodity brokers. They all see the volatility of the crypto markets and consider them a great opportunity. Once it comes to that, hell gets going. Once the locks are open they are open. “

Also the CEO of IOHK and co-founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, calmed the viewers as part of an announcement video on YouTube. He explained that the current volatility had prevailed before. All this has already been experienced and it's fine.

Ripple XRP has positioned itself as one of the key cryptocurrencies of digital commerce of the future. This makes Ripple XRP a choice for Amazon.

Ripple XRP has a high coin supply, so each coin has a lower value. This makes XRP much more user-friendly than other cryptocurrencies. Here's an example: Suppose a cryptocurrency was introduced to Amazon. What would be easier for customers to use and convert? 0.001 Bitcoin (BTC) or 1 Ripple XRP? For a trader who deals with it on a daily basis, both details make no difference. For a regular customer, however, 5 XRPs are much easier to understand than 50,000 Satoshis.

Without this ease of use, no Coin has a chance of inclusion on the Amazon platform. High price volatility and slow transaction execution are also detrimental to this goal. That's where Ripple XRP comes in.

Initial speculation about an Amazon partnership came earlier this year. The central idea was the reliability of Ripple XRP. The transactions on the Ripple Blockchain require on average only 3.3 seconds. They are also cheap and cost only 0.0004 US cents per transaction. For an online trading giant, these conditions are ideal.

These benefits are also seen by other big players in finance. So different companies, banks and financial institutions are already testing and using ripple solutions. These include MasterCard, American Express and Santander.

Binance is one of the industry's most active crypto exchanges. Recently, as reported, there are also a number of users who want to see Ripple XRP as their base currency. Reasons for this include higher speed and lower costs. These reasons are so convincing that even the US rating company Weiss has joined them. This can only be beneficial for a possible adoption by Amazon.

Ripple XRP technology is ideal for partnering with Amazon

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