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Ripple (XRP) wins US financial group as new partner, expert sees signs of early XRP breakout


Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union is a large, cooperatively-organized financial institution in the United States. As such, Catalyst Corporate provides financial services and other services to its members and affiliated credit unions. Now the cooperative has announced its plans for the future with regard to the ripple solution xRapid.

Catalyst CEO Kathy Garner said:

“One of the biggest aspirations for 2018 was the establishment of a strategic partnership with Ripple [Labs], the leader in Blockchain solutions for payment providers. Our goal is to send international payments to Mexico via Ripples Blockchain solution. With this cooperation called “Currentz”, a secure transfer of funds across the border can be accomplished in just minutes. “

As Chief Operating Officer of Catalyst, Brad Ganey added that xRapid provides the cooperative with a perfect alternative to traditional referrals. He said:

“Conventional international transfers no longer meet today's requirements in terms of price, speed and ease of use. Blockchain technology, especially Ripples product xRapid, meets all three requirements simultaneously. “

Next he stated:

“Catalyst Corporate will use the XRP cryptocurrency through its subsidiary technology platforms to transfer money across our borders to our more than 1,400 members without delay. There is already a signed contract and we are currently finalizing our plans. “

Catalyst Corporate has not yet named a launch date for the project.

The Future of Ripple XRP

Experienced commodity trainer and author Peter Brandt recently commented on the future of Ripple XRP. On Twitter, he explained that the course of Ripple XRP in any case show a “coil pattern”. As proof he added a chart.

definitely coiling up pic.twitter.com/ixY4b6ysqx

– Peter Brandt (@PeterLBrandt) January 21, 2019

“Coil” is a technical term from the chart analysis technique and indicates that a big movement is approaching. But the movement can go both ways.

Brandt is known to foresee the Bitcoin crash before it occurred. In a tweet in January 2018, he announced his forecast. He wrote:

General TA rule – violation of parabolic advance leads to 80% + decline in value. If general rule is followed, BTC should retrace to <$ 4,000. Note: This Tweet does not make me a hater. pic.twitter.com/jDNI1osinU

– Peter Brandt (@PeterLBrandt) January 22, 2018

“General rule of TA [technical analysis] – Abandonment of the parabolic rise leads to 80% or more price loss. If the general rule holds, BTC [Bitcoin] should go back below $ 4,000. Note: This tweet does not mean I'm a hater. “

The analysis method used by Brandt is also called technical analysis or chart analysis. The purpose of this analysis is to predict the price performance of equities (but also cryptocurrencies) by analyzing the previous data. The system is based on the assumption that all relevant information is already included in the price. Whether this is really the case is disputed among experts.

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