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Ripple's investment division Xpring partners with game platform Forte to establish $ 100 million fund


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If you are investing in grass coins (XP, PAC, EMB), you have lost 90%. I am more interested in applying blockchain technology than cryptocurrency.

Ripple’s investment division Xpring announced that it has partnered with Forte to develop a blockchain-based gaming platform and jointly set up a $ 100 million fund .

Forte is a company created by members from Unity and GarageGames who develop game engines, and has a mission to benefit players and developers with blockchain technology and update the gaming industry. “The gaming industry is driven by $ 140 billion of microtransactions (in-game billing) and needs an interoperability solution that can support this economy,” said Brett Seyler, Forte’s platform director. .

Through this partnership with Ripple, we have incorporated Interledger protocol and smart contract hosting protocol Codius into our architecture to ensure cross-chain interoperability, security and liquidity.

“Forte and Ripple believe that blockchain has a major impact on the game,” said Ethan Beard, senior vice president of Xpring, “Providing an easy-to-use, scalable cross-chain is a necessary step in user acquisition.” You

Also, Forte’s Allen Ma on the use of the fund said, “We are interested in improving our business with blockchain technology and actively fund developers who run games with 50,000 active users every day. “I want to do” and left a comment.

Article Source: Forte And Ripple’s Xpring Form $ 100 Million Fund To Accelerate Mainstream Use Of Blockchain In Games

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