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ROHTO introduced an internal currency “ARUCO” to promote employee health

Rohto announced in press release that it introduced “ARUCO (corporate currency)” currency for promoting employee health on the 7th of this month. ARUCO says it can be used for lunch and relaxation.

According to the press release, ARUCO is a currency developed as a concept of health, and coins are stored according to daily healthy lifestyle.

As a concrete example, it is set to 10 coins a day with 8,000 steps a day (including 20 minutes walking a day), 500 coins a month with non-smoking every month, and 50 coins with twice a week exercise more than 30 minutes .

On the other hand, as coin usage, 1,000 coins for health food lunch tickets, 2,000 coins for eating relaxation experience, special holidays for refreshing 10,000 coins, etc. are prepared.

Introduction of ARUCO coin seems to be started in January 2019, and press release introduces the employees who utilize ARUCO coins.

Rohto aims to work positively and voluntarily by employees through ARUCO coins for health promotion . And by setting concrete numerical value of coin, we are trying to connect to the point where we change our daily behavior.

Article Source: Rohto Pharmaceutical

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