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RPG game using block chains in Loom Network appeared!

I realized that a new RPG game will appear on Loom Network which is a block chain ecosystem of games and applications .

A new game called “Coin & Steel” seems to be an RPG (role playing game) set as a large open world in a fantasy world view.

(Movie source: Loom Network)

Like the traditional RPG, the game seems to have “three character classes” and “battle of PvE / PvP with level up function”.

You can acquire the STEEL / STL which is a token of the ERC – 20 standard in the game of coin & steel, it seems that it is possible to convert it to Ethereum (Ethicalam) and the legal currency.

In addition, it seems that the game has been designed by combining elements in the game such as items and pets with tokens of the ERC – 20 and ERC – 721 standards.

Coin & Steel is also working with CryptoKitties (Crypto Kitty) of breeding DApps game, so it seems that you can import crypto kitty’s kittens as a pet system.

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What do Wizards, Fighters, and Archers have in common?

They’ll all be battling monsters on the blockchain in * Coins & Steel – the newest Loom SDK powered fantasy RPG ?️?

Take a look: https://t.co/kVljCenBVr

– Loom Network (@loomnetwork) November 20, 2018

Article Source: slubgefeed.com

Combining with different games is also a feature of DApps. It looks interesting, does it try a little?

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