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Russia's Facebook “VKontakte” is considering issuing its own cryptocurrency




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VKontakte, Russia’s largest social media and Russia’s Facebook, is considered to be considering issuing its own cryptocurrency .

The Russian media RNS has received credible information that “the final decision has not been made yet, but VKontakte (aka VK) is considering issuing a cryptocurrency “.

Tokens can be obtained by performing specific actions (such as “Like” and comments) within the VK, and you can use the stored tokens to transfer money to other users or purchase goods. The purchase of goods using tokens can be made using the electronic payment service released by VK in July last year called “VKpay”.

It became a topic to announce that Facebook is considering the introduction of cryptocurrency. It is inferred that VK is also thinking about creating its own ecosystem by introducing cryptocurrency in the same way.

We can not wait to see how Facebook and VK will use cryptocurrency in their own platform in the future.

Facebook to develop its own stable coin – CRYPTO TIMES

Article reference: RNS

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