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Santander Bank, partnered with Ripple (ripple), also partnered with SWIFT

Santander Bank, partnered with Ripple (ripple), also partnered with SWIFT

I learned that Santander Bank of Spain’s leading commercial bank, partnered with Ripple (ripple), also has partnerships with the International Banking Association of Communications (SWIFT) .

In order to realize high-speed cross-border settlement, it seems to use SWIFT gpi (Global Payment Innovation: International Payment Innovation) used by more than 270 banks.

The feature of SWIFT gpi is quick and high transparency. Many can deposit within a few seconds, half within half an hour, payment status can be tracked in real time.

Bart Timmermans, president of Santander Bank GTB (Global Transaction Banking), said the following about the alliance.

Transparency brings trust and trust brings a long and fruitful relationship with clients. So we like the highly transparent SWIFT gpi.

This is a big step forward for the payment industry. Transparency · Reliability · It is no doubt that we will continue to lead innovation by offering the best customer experience.

Also, I told SWIFT gpi that it will be used in Chile and Mexico by the end of the year, and that 80% of the transaction will be replaced with SWIFT gpi.

The company has also tied up with Ripple and launched the foreign exchange service ” Santander One Pay FX ” using xCurrent the other day.

Santander Bank, Ripple (ripple) to launch xCurrent’s foreign exchange service launch

Article Source: Santander goes live with SWIFT gpi

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