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Self-proclaimed bitcoin creator Mr. Craig Wright BTC wearing disbelief disappointing Where is 1.1 million BTC?

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自称ビットコイン生みの親 クレイグ・ライト氏  BTC着服嫌疑晴らせず 110万BTCは何処に?


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Mr. Craig Wright, who claims to be a bitcoin developer “Satoshi Nakamoto”, found that he could not submit an address indicating his own BTC holding volume in a court case against bitcoin dressing.

In the case, he was sued by Mr. Claeman for wearing the late business partner Claeman’s BTC.

Bloomberg | June 2019 https://t.co/wSvexQCPXJ Australian Craig Wright rights claims he created Bitcoin • courtesies that he can’t produce a list of all early bitcoin addresses .. may never be able to access billions in coins | pic.twitter.com/XYxTljNsYi

— Redball (@ redball2) June 29, 2019

Kleiman’s side claimed to have embezzled about 1.1 million BTC (the current price of about 1.3 trillion yen), which Wright are both obtained by the mining, the address to prove the court-Bitcoin holdings response to this I ordered Wright to submit it.

Wright, who did not respond, claimed that it was impossible to track his address because he gave him important information before he died.

Attention will continue to be drawn to the future of the huge encryption currency of 1.1 million BTC (total number of bitcoins issued is 21 million).

The other day, Wright acquired the copyright on Bitcoin’s whitepaper and early software versions from the US Copyright Office.

On the other hand, there has been an anti-signature movement around the world, and Etheric inventor inventor Vitalic has criticized him for criticizing him as “he is a scammer”.

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Article Source: Bloomberg

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