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Shenzhen subway issued electronic bill of subway using the first block chain in China


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Economic daily “Securities Daily” of the country reported that China’s first electronic bill system using block chain was introduced at Phu Thien (Futian) station in Guangdong Shenzhen subway station in China on the 18th .

The system is said to have been jointly developed by the Shenzhen City Tax Administration and Tencent, which operates WeChat, a major SNS in China.

Passengers say that they can check the Shenzhen subway ride code on the WeChat payment page after boarding.

According to the media, as of March 15, more than one million electronic invoices have been issued, and the total invoice amount is estimated to reach 1.33 billion yuan (about 22 billion yen). It is also expected that 170,000 electronic invoices will be issued each day.

The number of companies that use the system is already 1000, and the major banks such as China Construction Bank and the real estate giant Manka Group are also aggressively using this system.

It is possible to charge Bitcoin (BTC) to “SUBE Card”, which is a traffic IC card in Argentina, in February this year, and block chains are being used for public transport as well.

Bitcoin payment possible with public transportation running in 37 areas of Argentina

Article Source: National Expressway Traffic District

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