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SKYFchain releases alpha version of smart contract for drone!

It is SKYFchain that I introduced CryptoTimes as a project combining block chains and drones, but this time I have introduced some new presentations so I will introduce it.

Please see the following article on SKYFchain.

SKYFchain / SKYFT – the world’s first heavy cargo drone platform project –

Product progress of SKYFchain

SKYFchain is still continuing ICO, and this release and listing announcement will be done during sale.

According to the roadmap, it is clearly stated that during the period from 2018 to 2019, it is clearly stated that the construction of its own private chain, the sale of SKYF which is a drone of SKYFchain and the expansion to regulated areas are not strictly prohibited. It can be said that it is a smooth start.

Regarding the series of announcements made this time, I would like to confirm the details below.

Launch of MVP (alpha version)

SKYFchain announced the product launch of the alpha version the other day.

On the official website, a screen like the image above is displayed, and if you complete this registration it seems that you can check and manage the status of drone (SKYF) running from your own dashboard.

SKYFchain’s alpha version platform has several core functions, providing users with eight system account profile choices, such as drone manufacturers, service companies, banks, insurance companies.

The user can check the profiles of all the vehicles in the system and the data includes cost, technical parameters, recording and authentication of the machine, log of the position information and route, transaction history and details, completion The mission and technical maintenance records are included and the balance sheet and deposits are displayed in multiple currencies in the user’s account.

By completing registration with this link, you can experience alpha version of MVP.

SKYF Chain Operating Platform

Smart contract implementation for drone

Regarding the implementation of the Smart Contract on which the announcement was made (release of the ERC token), this will allow you to withdraw the existing tokens in skyfchain.io and the investor will forward this to their own wallet It will be able to do.

The user seems to be able to withdraw this by activating his Ethereum address from official website .

Also, it seems that Smart Contract has not yet been implemented in the drones, and it is expected that this will be done along with the implementation of private chains based on the roadmap.

Listing on Bitforex

From: SKYFchain Official Medium

It is SKYFT which is a token of SKYFchain, but it has also been decided to list on the Chinese exchange, Bitforex, which will also enter CoinMarketCap .

The case of announcing the listing during ICO is rare, and from this decision of Bitforex side, we can inquire about the high expectation for the project.

Although the announcement such as the specific listing date has not been made, it is thought that the listing will be carried out at the end of the ICO in mid-August.

Let’s wait for the next report on concrete content such as listing date and currency pair.

Participation in the DoCoMo 5G open innovation program

It seems that SKYFchain has decided to join the 5G open innovation program of NTT DoCoMo, a Japanese telecommunications company.

From now on, SKYFchain seems to be planning to consider carrying out test flight with SKYF drone using 5G communication and demonstration experiment on SKYFchain platform.


In this article, I summarized the announcement such as MVP (α version) and listing etc. done during ICO from SKYFchain.

As SKYFchain announces and reports progress on the project such as official Medium, please confirm here as well!

SKYFchain Official Medium (English)

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