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SKYFchain / SKYFT – the world's first heavy cargo drone platform project –

SKYFchain / SKYFT - the world's first heavy cargo drone platform project -

SKYFchain is a project to solve problems in the logistics industry by combining block chain technology and drone .

We will thoroughly explain things from features of this project to competing projects.

Overview of SKYFchain

Features of SKYFchain

SKYFchain is a project to transform the logistics market by making an operating platform of unmanned aircraft represented by drone by block chain technology .

Speaking of logistics using drone , is not there some people thinking Amazon’s “Prime Air” who performed the first private test on December 7, 2016?

“When a customer orders what they want from a tablet, employees in the logistics warehouse pack the boxes and drone delivers it to the customers.” These near-future technologies are beginning to take place in reality.

Of course, it goes without saying that the keywords such as those who dance to many business books in recent years and AI are boosting this [ next generation logistics technology ].

SKYFchain says that it can be expected to reduce logistics costs worldwide by reducing unnecessary logistics costs by as much as 50% so that it can be expected to give a wide range of benefits from industries to end users.

If the document production related to logistics and the freight transportation cost are suppressed by the block chain, it will become a richer society https://t.co/aA3EpaX06v

– SKYFchain (@ SKYFchain_en) April 28, 2018

Outline of the unmanned logistics market

Let’s see the market of unmanned logistics targeted by SKYFchain.

As a main player in unmanned logistics, white papers are drone and automatic driving car .

· Drone

SKYFchain / SKYFT - the world's first heavy cargo drone platform project -
According to PwC ‘s data, the size of the drone market in the world is estimated to reach as high as $ 127 billion , which is considered a very promising market for businessmen.

There is an exponential increase in investment amount from VC in the drone market as data showing expectation to this market.

SKYFchain / SKYFT - the world's first heavy cargo drone platform project -

According to CBInsights’ report, the investment in the drone market is increasing with each year, and in the second quarter of 2015 it is about 50 times more investment than the first quarter of 2012 It is shown that it is becoming.

· Automatic driving vehicle

For drone who is in charge of empty transport, this includes unmanned trucks that handle land transportation.

Abhimanyu Raheja, an analyst at BIS Research, said, “By the end of 2026, the number of automated vehicles will rise to 110 million units,” which is expected to expand very much in the future It is a market.

Furthermore, similar expectations are made in Exane BNP Paribas’ report.

SKYFchain / SKYFT - the world's first heavy cargo drone platform project -

If we include about 40 million semi-automatic driving vehicles, we predict that the number of automatic driving vehicles in 2026 will exceed 120 million units .

Challenges of the unmanned logistics market

Although this is a market that attracts much attention in this way, it is stated in the white paper that there are two major barriers to the spread of unmanned logistics.

· Lack of transparency

The lack of transparency means that there is not yet a system that allows customers to check the skills and itinerary of the drone .

This raises problems such as strengthening regulations of public institutions and expensive premiums .

For example, if a drone carrying goods to customers caused an accident on the route, possible perpetrators are various such as drone manufacturers, drone service companies, customers, drone pilots and so on.

Insurers are obliged to set insurance premiums at a high price now because there is not a system that correctly prove as to why accidents have occurred due to whom the stakeholders are so many and why.

· Technical problems

This refers to the performance problem of the drone as to whether heavy luggage can be transported over long distances .

A large propeller is required to carry a large package, but if you enlarge the propeller it will exceed the controllable threshold.

Also, regarding the engine, electric storage engine problems occur with electric engines, weight problems with gasoline engines, and cost problems on hybrids.

Thus, with conventional technology it was technically very difficult to make a drone to carry heavy loads.

Possibility of SKYFchain

SKYFchain says that it is possible to solve the two problems described in the above chapter and to disseminate logistics using unmanned aircraft.

· Transparency using block chains

For example, in the case of the drones mentioned above, it is assumed that payment will be made smoothly simply by providing the insurance company with that information only if there is a platform to manage all information on the logistics site without being altered .

Also, by sharing such accident data with financial institutions, developers, end users, it is possible to properly adapt drone to society.

· SKYFchain original technology

Despite using a gasoline engine, SKYFchain has a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) function by its own aerodynamic design and successfully produced the drone which can carry heavy luggage for the first time in the world for the first time .

SKYFchain / SKYFT - the world's first heavy cargo drone platform project -

This drone has a maximum loading capacity of 400 kg , a maximum flight distance of 350 km , and a flight time of 8 hours (loading capacity of 50 kg) , which is sufficiently usable in the logistics industry, and is high performance which can not be considered in the past.

SKYFchain’s competition

SKYFchain / SKYFT - the world's first heavy cargo drone platform project -
As a project related to drone, Dorado is also famous, and Amazon which develop Prime air also compete.

Comparison with Dorado

SKYFchain / SKYFT - the world's first heavy cargo drone platform project -
Dorado is a project to develop on-demand service using drone, where ICO will be held from 7th February to 17th May 2018.

We already have a project called Foodout, a forerunner of Foodout, which has received over 4 million orders from 1 million customers .

Advantage of SKYFchain against Dorado Dorado had developed a on-demand service using a drone whose predecessor is Foodout, specializing in food. In the future it seems that Dorado was born by dealing with foods other than food, but the technology level cultivated by SKYFchain is one step ahead as lightweight foods and large luggage carry different skill levels.

SKYFchain’s inferiority to Dorado Foodout, the predecessor of Dorado, has grown 6227% in 3 years from 2014, with annual sales reaching 50 million dollars. Dorado, which required team members with such experiences, is likely to be a strong candidate for SKYFchain.

Comparison with Amazon and Google

SKYFchain / SKYFT - the world's first heavy cargo drone platform project -
Of course Amazon and Google, which became extra-large enterprises such as not knowing anything now, will not overlook this drone market, of course.

Amazon is running “Prime Air” and Google runs “Project Wing”.

Advantages of SKYFchain against Amazon and Google SKYFchain has achieved the world’s first achievement in drones, but bring block chains to the logistics industry, to have functions such as simplification of document preparation and automatic contracts of licensed feasibility period And we are also advocating cost reduction. SKYFchain also has strengths in this regard.

SKYFchain’s inferiority to Amazon and Google Needless to say, the size of the company is quite different. The size of the company = Economic power and cognition have a lot of impact on development and sales, so entry of such large companies will be a threat.

SKYFchain road map

SKYFchain / SKYFT - the world's first heavy cargo drone platform project -

In the fourth quarter of 2017, we have already completed a completely independent flight test, and this year we will start selling the drone worldwide in 2018. It seems that we have already performed sales of drone to Vietnamese companies as well.

SKYF Heavy Lifting Drones to Transport Goods in Vietnamese Seaport

For the flight test of Drone, a very large enterprise to be mentioned later has also applied for participation, and it can be said that the height of drone technology is high .

Also, as a holder of tokens, I’m also worried about listing, but there is a statement in the white paper that “We are planning to list at least four, five exchanges.”

Partner of SKYFchain

SKYFchain / SKYFT - the world's first heavy cargo drone platform project -

The partner of SKYFchain is quite luxurious.

CARCIEL Inc. (Celsier)

A partnership with the Japanese company CARCIEL which is the aerospace defense consulting farm was announced this April.

CARCIEL Inc. has major clients such as Honda and Kawasaki Heavy Industries as their clients .

SKYFchain will cooperate with CARCIEL and SKYF drone application development in the construction and firefighting of skyscrapers.

“We have been looking for suitable technology for more than a year in response to requests from Japanese major companies and many ministries and agencies.SKYF’s large drone has excellent characteristics and there is great demand in Japan Shou “CARCIEL Inc. Representative Director and CEO Mr. Kohei Ando

Syngenta AG (Syngenta)

It is a company which mainly uses seeds and agricultural chemicals based in Switzerland, recently it became a hot topic on acquisition news by Chinese state-owned enterprise ChemChina.

It is the world’s number one in the pesticide industry, and the sales will rise to 12.8 billion dollars.

SKYFchain will complete the first round negotiations with Syngenta and plan to do the SKYF drone test in the spring of 2018 .

Pony Express (Pony Express)

It is a logistics company in Russia, with offices in eight countries.

SKYFchain is currently planning to sign a contract with Pony Express and conduct a flight test in the spring of 2018 .

Russian Post (Russian Post)

It is Russia’s largest postal service provider and has about 40,000 post offices.

It is said that negotiations are in progress with both postal operators.

Summary of SKYFchain

SKYFchain / SKYFT - the world's first heavy cargo drone platform project -

I introduced SKYFchain, which develops a platform that can utilize unmanned aircraft in the logistics industry.

The strength of this company is nothing but a technical expertise of Drone .

If we could supply this technology together with the solution using block chain technology it might be able to win the drone market, which is said to be $ 127 billion .

Also, being able to partnership with one of the world’s largest enterprises such as Syngenta will lead to further growth.

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