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SNS for cryptocurrency What is “Crypto Place”?

SNS for virtual currency What is "Crypto Place"?

There are quite a few people who experienced the trouble of “You can not make friends who can talk about cryptocurrency” while investing in cryptocurrency.

Many people in the vicinity of the cryptocurrency can be seen on the existing SNS, but I think that there are people who can notice that entering the already completed community ….

Meanwhile, Crypto Place Co., Ltd. announced “Crypto Place” SNS specialized in cryptocurrency.

Service start has been on from August 22 and can be used immediately!

Function of Crypto Place (Crypt Place)

Crypt Place is only for SNS dedicated to cryptocurrency, and many of the functions in other SNS are implemented.


SNS for virtual currency What is "Crypto Place"?

Crypt Place can create a topic of your own topic as a topic like an online bulletin board. Users can talk about that topic by finding topics of their own interest.

Even if it says to a cryptocurrency in bite, it has various technical details such as price forecasting and service, so it is very convenient to be able to delve into topics you care about.


SNS for virtual currency What is "Crypto Place"?

Timeline is similar to LINE and Facebook timeline function, and you can post opinions on news and news on a daily basis.

When posting, you can choose “only friends” and “whole”, and points will be given by getting good.

Point system

SNS for virtual currency What is "Crypto Place"?

Crypt Place has a point system. I wrote that points are added by getting good on posting on the timeline, but by collecting this point the upper limit of my friends list will increase, and other benefits seem to get in the future.

By the way, 500 points were distributed in advance registration until 19th.

Message (scheduled for implementation within the year)

SNS for virtual currency What is "Crypto Place"?

This is not implemented when launching a service, but it is a function that allows you to chat between friends.

It is also implemented in Twitter, Discord, etc. It will be implemented within this year.

Registration is easy and completely free

At the moment it is necessary only for e-mail address to register crypto places, there is no charge for use.

Also, you can know the latest information as soon as you follow the official Twitter account!

Why do not you look at SNS, Crypto Place for cryptocurrency for the first time on this occasion for the first time?

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