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Someone sends BTC equivalent to 21.6 billion yen to Wallet of 120 billion yen scal

The news that somebody sent 30,000 BTC (equivalent to 21.6 billion yen) to Wallet of 120 billion yen scale on 13th this month is calling me a topic.

Wallets with such a large amount of cryptocurrency are often called Whales because of their rarity and the impact on the market.

Wallet with 110,000 BTC resumes activity and starts remittance to the exchange

Normally, the impact of asset movement on exchanges and the like on the market is very small, but the unidentified wallet (address: 3D 2 oetdNuZUq QHPJmcMDDHYoqkyNVsFk 9 r) that received 30,000 BTC this time already has 168,789 BTC equivalent to over 120 billion yen I will .

A theory that is considered to be powerful in part is that this wallet belongs to institutional investors preparing to make huge selling pressure .

If this quantity of BTC is sold at a stroke, the impact on the market will be immeasurable. However, this is merely a forecast for the moment.

Also, the same wallet is used jointly by certain investors, and some say that this deal is a daily thing to the last.

It is not uncommon for such huge transactions to be a precursor to a big impact on the market, so we recommend you to confirm who is doing business on a daily basis.

Whale Alert (@ whale_alert) notifies you not only BTC but also ETH and ERC 20 token transactions.

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