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Soon ripple (XRP) Ethereum and Bitcoin save on the phone? Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaks show built-in crypto wallet


The South Korean manufacturer Samsung is known for its smartphones. His latest flagship, the Galaxy S10, Samsung wants to officially present on February 20, 2019. The sale of the new phone should then begin in the second week of March. Samsung itself describes the presentation as “unpacked,” which means “unpacked / unwrapped.” This is likely to tie in with the world's popular YouTube channels, which have set themselves the task of unpacking products in front of the camera and introducing them to the audience.

First images of the Galaxy S10

In the networked world of today, so-called “leaks” are common in the run-up to the release of popular products. This can be photos, videos or other media showing the product or parts of it before the company presents its product. With regard to the Galaxy S10, photos have already appeared (“leaked”), suggesting that the S10 probably has a built-in crypto-wallet. The wallet is named “Samsung Blockchain KeyStore”. The wallet is described in one of the leaked photos: “Samsung Blockchain KeyStore is a safe and convenient storage for your cryptocurrencies.”

It can also be seen in another photo that Wallet supports Ethereum. Whether other tokens can also be kept in the wallet directly after the release, or whether Samsung wants to submit this option later, is unknown. For an extension, of course, speaks that other cryptocurrencies are widespread. A restriction to Ethereum would therefore hardly make sense. In addition, the icons show a large “B” that is reminiscent of the symbol for Bitcoin.

Samsung and the Cryptocurrencies

The technology giants Samsung has been open to cryptocurrencies in the past. At the beginning of 2018, Samsung announced that it would manufacture ASIC mining chips together with the Taiwanese manufacturer TSMC. A few months later it was reported that Samsung had invested assets in Ledger. Ledger is a French company that manufactures cryptocurrency cold storage wallets.

The Blockchain Technology and the Smartphones

Keep in mind, however, that the S10 would not be the first smartphone with Blockchain technology. Towards the end of last year, for example, the HTC Exodus 1 appeared. This mobile phone acts as a launching pad for HTC's own Blockchain network environment. The individual mobile phones serve as nodes for the commerce of the users among each other. In addition, the Exodus 1 also has a crypto-currency cold-storage wallet and supports dApps.

If the leaks turned out to be real, it would prove that cell phone manufacturers are looking at blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Then again, it is quite possible that cryptocurrencies will quickly become even more prevalent via the mass-produced mobile phone.

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