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Started handling stable coin USDC / GUSD at the cryptocurrency exchange Liquid (Liquid)

On November 5, 2018, QUOINE (Coin) Co., Ltd. of Global Finetec Co., Ltd., will transfer USDC coins, GUSD coins, which are US dollar denominated stable coins, to the cryptocurrency exchange Liquid by Quoine (QUOINE) We announced that we will start handling it at .

QUOINE Co., Ltd. is the global FinTech company registered in Japan as the second cryptocurrency exchange business operator in Japan from the Financial Services Agency (FSA) and operates the cryptocurrency exchange Liquid by Quoine . In addition, we are actively participating in formulating guidelines for members of the Japan cryptocurrency Exchange Association, Japan cryptocurrency Exchange Association and Japan’s cryptocurrency exchange, which is a voluntary organization of Japanese virtual currencies, and we are making Japanese cryptocurrency industry It can be said to be one of the enterprises.

The coin “USDC” which was handled this time is a US dollar-denominated stable coin managed by CENTRE, an industry consortium co-founded by the US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase and Circle Internet Financial Limited of the cryptocurrency finance company, “GUSD” has been a stable coin collateralized by US dollars issued by Gemini.

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USDC, GUSD, Liquid initially seems to be able to trade in areas other than Japan with a currency pair of BTC / USDC and ETH / USDC.

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