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Started providing GMO global signs, cryptocurrency mining softwa

On 28th, GMO Global Signature, which provides electronic authentication service, has begun offering cryptocurrency mining software “Cryptknocker by GMO” .

Crypto knocker is a cryptocurrency mining software using the Equihash “200.9” algorithm, said to achieve the fastest hash rate in mining with NVIDIA GPU .

Currently verified currency is Zcash only , we have not verified other currencies such as Bitcoin gold which adopt this algorithm.

98% of the mining fee is automatically transferred to the user’s wallet and 2% is automatically transferred to the wallet of the crypto knocker as the usage fee when mining with the crypto knocker.

GMO Global Signature as a background of mining software development, since encryption technology including PKI is applied to the block chain used for cryptocurrency, the encryption technology cultivated in the certification authority business and its data processing It explains that know-how such as speeding up can be utilized to mining virtual currencies.

Starting with the provision of this crypto knocker, the GMO global sign announces that it will enter the cryptocurrency business.

In addition, GMO Internet group announced that it will be shipping at the end of October, the mining machine equipped with ASIC for mining 7 nm process for the first time in the world sold this June.

Article Source and Image Citation Source: GMO Global Sign: Start Offering World’s Fastest Mining Software “Cryptknocker by GMO”

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