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Stellar Lumens (XLM) partner SatoshiPay plans IPO instead of ICO


SatoshiPay is a Stellar partner. Now SatoshiPay has announced that it is preparing an initial public offering on AIM on the London Stock Exchange. AIM a market for growth companies. As soon as Satoshi completes its IPO, the company has access to an extremely flourishing, liquid market and institutional investors.

A listing on the London Stock Exchange could be made towards the end of the year. At the same time, the listing could mean a big change for Blockchain companies in London. Partner Stellar will help the company process digital micro payments for online content.

The partnership between SatoshiPay and Stellar Lumens

SatoshiPay and Stellar Lumens have teamed up to start giving away Stellar Lumens (XLM). These can then use the receivers on the platform of SatoshiPay. However, this offer is not intended for all users, but the selected customers have free credit on the SatoshiPay platform.

SatoshiPay expects this initiative to drive marketing significantly. The gifted customers can shop with the Stellar Lumens on the platform. This gives customers access to a wealth of content that is immediately available.

SatoshiPay CEO, Meinhard Benn, said:

“We see Blockchain technology, and Stellar in particular, as a major enabler of this evolution. The micro payments allow the providers to meet the customer's request for less advertising and at the same time collect a small fee for viewing the content. “

Stellar Development Foundation co-founder Jed McCaleb was also delighted with the partnership. So he said:

“This is an exciting moment for Stellar and the cryptocurrency community as a whole, as it is one of the first applications of blockchain payments in the mainstream. This will reach millions of consumers. “

Financing the IPO

SatoshiPay had another announcement ahead of the IPO. These concerned Daniel Masters, Chief Investment Officer of Global Advisors. SatoshiPay said that Masters is supporting the company with € 566,000 in the pre-market phase.

On medium Meinhard Benn said:

“This is a big step for SatoshiPay. I am extremely proud that the company I co-founded in 2014 is now preparing for an IPO. This was only possible thanks to the wonderful team and our fantastic investors. All this surpasses my wildest dreams that I had when I started writing a few lines of code on a kitchen table in a Berlin apartment. In a way we are just beginning. I look forward to seeing what we can achieve by bringing SatoshiPay to the public. “

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