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Survey on cryptocurrency penetration rate in European countries · First place is Turkey

A German research firm, Statista, announced the findings of the penetration rate of virtual currencies targeting 15 countries around the world. According to this report, it is said that Turkey has the highest penetration rate .

The survey took a questionnaire “Do you possess a cryptocurrency” for about 1,000 citizens in each country (only 500 in Luxembourg)?

According to the survey results, the penetration rate of virtual currencies in 15 countries, mainly in Europe, is summarized, and Turkey (18%) is the country with the highest percentage of respondents saying they have cryptocurrency I will.

Next to Turkey, Romania is 12% and Poland is 11%.

In Turkey, the value of the domestic currency / lira has declined as a result of the political instability that the confidence in the government has fallen, the value of the local currency / lira has declined, and it is said that the number of citizens purchasing the cryptocurrency is increasing.

Coindesk reports earlier this month that transaction volumes at the Turkish cryptocurrency exchange increased by over 100% in 24 hours.

Image Source: Statista


Is it less than 20% in Turkey at the top …

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