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SWELL 2019 will be held today, what is the trend of XRP price movements? Also check the movement of BTC

Although it is a bitcoin currently in the range market, the direction is not coming out and it is difficult to touch it.

On the other hand, Alto coin market, we have overall rise triggers the remarks of China Xi Jinping Prime Minister. You can see this situation by looking at the market cap (bottom image) without Bitcoin.

At first, it was popular with Chinese stocks, but from there it became another stock. Seems to have spread. Yesterday, Ethereum and BCHABC were also on the rise, and the trend is coming to Major Alto.

The phenomenon that “ the climax of the altcoin ends when it reaches the major alto '' has been observed well since 2017, and now You may need to check carefully to see if you have reached the phase.

You should pay attention to whether the money that has flowed into the altcoin flows into the bitcoin or whether the money goes out of the market directly without going through the bitcoin.

And today, the conference “ SWELL ” sponsored by Ripple has started. XRP showed an increase of about 5% early in the morning today, but then dropped significantly. Bitcoin has also fallen slightly as if to match it.

Blue: BTCUSD, Orange: XRPBTC

The situation of Altcoin seems to have an impact on Bitcoin. Today, altcoins other than XRP have also fallen slightly, so you should be aware of how they affect bitcoins.

As for XRP itself, it is necessary to be careful because it may move up and down more intensely from the announcement at SWELL.

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