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SWIFT Manager on Ripple XRP: “I think the numbers speak for themselves”


Lisa O'Connor is the managing director of SWIFT Asia-Pacific. O'Connor has now commented on Blockchain and Ripple XRP in an interview with Ran NeuNer, host of the CNBC television program “Crypto Trader.”

The first question was whether SWIFT uses blockchain technology. O'Connor replied:

“We are selectively testing the use of DLT [Distributed Ledger Technology]. We do that because our owners are also interested in this trend. So look how they use DLT for specific business issues. We do not think that DLT or Blockchain are the solution to any problem. That's why we like to look at any problem first and then use the right technology as a solution. “

O'Connor then explained some election options in Singapore and the Australian Stock Exchange. She added that it is not about what SWIFT is testing. Rather, in the future, they want to be a platform that connects their members with the best blockchain solution.

Swift vs Ripple XRP

Then NeuNer asked if Swift was worried about Ripple XRP. After all, see the ripple community SWIFT as the main rivals for Ripple XRP. O'Connor then replied that she thought DLT was “really interesting”. After that she said: Buy ripple

“I would simply say that the numbers speak for themselves. The old days, when a cross-border payment took several days, are over. Nowadays, this time span has shrunk to minutes or seconds and is sometimes linked to real-time payments. “

She added that SWIFT also has the “Global Payment Innovation” (GPI), which enables fast payments and transparency. She said that this payment solution processed money of up to $ 300 billion a day. So it was said:

“That's 50 percent of all payments in the SWIFT network. That's a huge amount of payments and a huge amount of our members are already using this [solution]. If you compare that to other market participants – yes, there are discussions, but I think the numbers speak for themselves. “

Finally, NeuNer asked how SWIFT achieved the speed mentioned and whether this was possible via existing or a new technology. O'Connor replied,

“This is simply the technology that already exists in many ways. But it also shows the performance of our industry. “

Finally, Ran NeuNer asked if Swift planned to create his own blockchain or use an existing one for his applications. O'Connor replied,

“It's not up to me to predict what our CEO may plan, but I think we're generally open to using our platform more intensively in the future.”

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